Established in 1969, we offer a variety of merchandise ranging from livestock to your kitchen sink. We operate Monday and Friday all year round. 

Payment methods: Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard


Household/ Tool Auction - Temporarily Shutdown

Hagersville Auction Centre's Response to COVID-19











In response to COVID-19 we are asking for your cooperation regarding the following:

  1. MANDATORY mask use indoors

  2. Please be mindful of our staff when loading/ unloading animals, and allow for clear aisles

  3. If you have been out of the country in the past 14 days, or have been around someone who has, we ask that you DO NOT ENTER our premises

  4. If you are feeling unwell, have a fever, cough, cold, or other symptoms COVID-19 we ask that you DO NOT ATTEND the auction

  5. Please be respectful and space yourself ATLEAST 2 METERS between each person at all times

  6. Only SERIOUS Buyers allowed during the live auction

  7. No children permitted

  8. We are enforcing only 1 person per family/group/vehicle at the auction facility

  9. DROP OFF TIME for Friday Sellers is from 0700-1000 (poultry/small animal sale) and 0700-1230 (goats/sheep/large livestock sale)to allow more time for Buyers to view animals




  • Once on the property we ask sellers to place their animals in our cages- or if already boxed on our tables. We ask that sellers do this as quickly as they can to allow buyers more time to view the animals

  • Once the animals have been placed in the desired location, we ask that sellers come to the office to book them in

  • Once your animals are booked in, we ask that you leave the premise to allow buyers time to view the animals

  • We are asking that sellers allow us to mail them their cheques





  • Live Small animal/bird auction will start at 10:30am FRIDAYS

  • Large livestock ring will start at 1:30pm FRIDAYS

  • Large livestock ring will start at 12:30pm MONDAYS

  • If you wish to leave a bid and not remain for the auction:

    • Enter the property and have a look at the animals up for auction

    • If interested in buying a particular animal leave your highest bid in the office

      • For the small animal/poultry sale silent bids must be in by 10am

      • For goats, sheep and other large livestock silent bids must be in by 1pm FRIDAYS

    • If you are the highest bidder, we will phone you to let you know. We will give you a pickup time to limit the amount of people on the premises at a time.

  • If you wish to remain for the live auction:​​

    • Only remain for the live auction if you are going to bid on something

    • Once you have viewed the animals up for auction, we ask that you return to your vehicle to await the auction start at 10:30am

    • Please do not loiter in the auction facility and allow others space and time to view the animals before auction

    • Poultry and rabbits will be sold in the poultry section in the back of the barn

    • Goats, sheep and other large livestock will be sold from the auction ring

    • ​Please keep at least 2m away from other people​ at all times​

    • If there is not enough room to allow for a safe 2m distancing  between people, we observe the right to ask some individuals to leave silent bids​

  • Please consider paying Debit or Credit for your purchases.


We thank you for your cooperation regarding the current COVID-19 situation and will continue to provide updates regarding future auctions as the information becomes available

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